Where To Go For Topsail Island Kayak Rentals

Dive into our guide for an adventurous exploration of serene waters and scenic views.

Where To Go For Topsail Island Kayak Rentals

Topsail Island is less crowded than many of the other areas on the coast of North Carolina. You can enjoy spending time on the beach or in the water in peace. However, if you choose to enjoy the clear water and magnificent views, you’ll want to rent a kayak from a place that’s budget-friendly and known to provide outstanding service. So, here are some of the best Topsail Island kayak rentals.

Why Visit Topsail Island

For one, the area is beautiful. You’re surrounded by the ocean, whether you’re at North Topsail Beach or one of the other areas. The island is a small one located off the coast, so it’s a unique experience.

The island has a great deal of activities for you and even your family to enjoy, such as surfing, kayaking, museums, and a turtle rescue.

North Carolina beaches are typically busy from June to August due to the warm temperatures and usually sunny weather. Fortunately, Top Sail Island is one of the less crowded areas in North Carolina.

How To Rent A Kayak

If you’re traveling to Topsail Island without a kayak, you have various options to choose from. Before you decide on one, you should look at the pricing. You should also make sure they have availability when you’re traveling. Keep in mind that places that rent hourly often sell out quickly.

You’ll need ID to rent a kayak at most places, so make sure you have it with you. Additionally, you’ll have to put down a security deposit. Keep in mind that not all places have credit card machines, so you may need to pay in cash.

Top-Rated Topsail Island Kayak Rentals

Explore these fantastic kayak rental companies for your coastal adventure.


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PaddleNC is a North Carolina-based company with three locations, one on Topsail Island.

Besides kayaks, you can also rent SUPs, which are standup paddle boards. If you choose to rent a kayak or a paddleboard, you’ll need to decide on how long you want to rent the board but keep in mind that how long you rent the board will affect your price. They offer two-hour rentals, four-hour rentals, and all-day rentals. The all-day rentals allow you to use the kayak for eight hours or longer. You may choose between a traditional kayak or a fishing kayak. Additionally, you may opt for a kayak for one person or a tandem one that allows two people to venture out into the water together.

A two-hour rental is $30. A four-hour rental or half-day rental varies from $50-$70. On the other hand, an eight-hour rental is $70 to $90.

Topsail Beach Service

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Topsail Beach Service is a unique company. They offer a variety of rental services to ensure you enjoy your experience on Topsail Island. You can rent a kayak, beach umbrellas, cornhole games, coolers, surfboards, and more!

They have a delivery and setup service, so you receive the item or items delivered to you. They'll also set up, take down, and pick up the rental items. 

Pricing for kayak rentals depends on the type of kayak and how long you will be renting.

50 South Surf Shop

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Surf City is a small township on Topsail Island, where 50 South Surf Shop is located. This company has a long history in the area dating back to 2011 when it first opened. The owner was an avid surfer starting at the age of 10. His passion for being on the water turned him on to the idea of offering surf and kayak rentals in Topsail.

Besides kayaks, 50 South Surf Shop also offers surfboards, SUPs, and bikes. They offer both single and double kayaks.

You may rent an electric bike, and no matter which type of bike you rent, it comes standard with a helmet and a lock. They also offer all kinds of apparel for men, women, and children, ranging from short and long-sleeved T-shirts to hoodies.

If you rent a kayak, you may choose to pay for it hourly or weekly. The hourly rate is only $10 for a single-person kayak and $15 for a tandem kayak that fits two people.

Topsail Boat Rental

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Topsail Boat Rental is in Surf City. It’s primarily a motorboat rental company, but they also offer kayak rentals. Their primary goal is to make boat renting simple, so you can enjoy your time on the water with no fuss.

They have a long history in the region. Topsail Boat Rental received acknowledgment from TripAdvisor as the Top Ranked Tour/Rental on Topsail Island. They offer motorboats with various-sized consoles. You may also choose a skiff, tour boat, or pontoon boat.

The owner understands that not everyone wants or can go out on a motorboat. For this reason, he also offers the option of kayak and standup paddleboat rental.

Prices vary based on how long you’re renting. You may find exact pricing by calling or texting the owner. They also offer a convenient online contact form.

Herrings Outdoor Sports

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Herrings Outdoor Sports is located in Surf City. They offer a variety of vacation rentals, including games, bikes, and boating equipment. While they don’t provide jet ski rentals, you can rent skimboards, boogie boards, and surfboards.

You can enjoy your beach vacation by taking a kayak out or going on one of their kayak tours.

You may choose hourly, daily, or weekly rentals. On the other hand, you could opt for a three-day rental. Prices range from $50 to $175 depending on the type of rental and how long you will be renting.

Topsail Island kayak rentals give you the ability to enjoy the water if you can’t bring your own kayak or don’t have one. Not all places are the same, though. You have different rental time limits. Plus, they vary in price. Therefore, it’s vital to compare your options to make the most of your trip.