Cool Down With The Best Ice Cream In Carolina Beach

Explore Top Picks For Ice Cream In Coastal North Carolina

Cool Down With The Best Ice Cream In Carolina Beach


Celtic Creamery on N Lake Park Blvd offers homemade ice cream at reasonable prices. You can also get their sundaes, donuts, banana splits, or coffee with your Irish ice cream. They use natural ingredients and fresh cream to make unique flavors delivered in cups, cones, pints, milkshakes, and sundaes.

This accessible ice cream shop has excellent street parking and seating, and they serve large portions. You can try free samples of their deliciously creamy ice cream before settling on a flavor for your order.


If you want to avoid the boardwalk, consider going to Scoopin’ Yummies. You can find some of the best ice cream in Carolina Beach here. With whimsical flavors like “Magical Unicorn” and “Circus Act,” you’re sure to have a fun and colorful time at Scoopin’ Yummies.

Other offerings include ice cream cakes, cookie cakes, cookie pizzas, cookie sandwiches, chocolate bombs, brownie pops, ice cream pies, waffle cone sundaes, bubble waffles, cupcakes, milkshakes, and ice cream floats. Whatever brunch or dessert you want, you’re sure to find it here.

The ice cream creations are rich, fresh, creative, and yummy. You have a ton of options to explore in their clean restaurant and candy shop.


Squigley’s considers themselves southeastern North Carolina’s most famous ice cream shop.  They refer to their ice cream creation as the Squigley. It has a homemade vanilla ice cream base mixed with various treats to make one of over 4,050 flavor combinations.

You can add fruit, baked goods, candies, chocolate, nuts, cereal, and even bacon to your ice cream. If you want another sweet treat, you can get a brownie, malt, milkshake, float, sundae, banana split, ice cream taco, ice cream jalapeno nachos, strawberry shortcake, kettle corn, and more. They also have a gift gallery for non-edible collectibles.


On Carolina Beach Ave N lies a little place called the Island Ice Factory. They sell homemade ice cream, milkshakes, gelato, banana splits, and Italian ice. You can even get a refillable cup to keep trying new flavors.

They have a handful of flavors and are open late at night, so you can get some tasty ice cream at any time for a reasonable price. The parlor has cute decorations and old photos, plus they have friendly customer service.

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